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Your St. Louis Area Gunsmithing Professionals

Specializing in Smith & Wesson Revolvers, 1911/2011, & CZ

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Certified Full Service Machine Shop

Helix Gunsmithing is a full-service machine shop specializing in complete repair, restoration, and customization of any and all types of firearms. Helix brings extensive experience in troubleshooting your toughest of firearm issues and returning it to a fully safe and operational condition.


Barrel Threading & Crowns

Porting, Optic Cuts and Slide Milling






Sights & Scope Installs

Stock Repair


Trigger Tuning

Tool Bench


Belgium Bluing

Belgian Blue is a form of rust blue, where heat is used to speed up the process. Any form of rust blue will micro-etch the surface of the metal, so there will be a satin rather than a high gloss finish. This finish is most common on soft soldered double barrel shotguns or high end rifles. 

Hard Chrome

Hard Chrome firearm plating looks similar to stainless steel. It has an increased hardness value compared to standard hard chrome; however, it retains a remarkable amount of ductility and toughness. Hard Chrome can be plated over carbon and stainless steel. It too can be applied over aluminum with additional substrate plating. 

Blue Nitrate

The nitre bluing process (sometimes referred to as fire bluing, peacock bluing or niter bluing) is a gun metal finishing process involving a salt bath solution of sodium and potassium nitrates, heated to exact temperatures.

Hot Salts Bluing

One of the most classic finishing processes. Bluing is not a coating, it's a rusting process. Our hot tank solution uses a caustic solution of Nitrate salts and is heated to near 300 degrees F. Since bluing actually highlights imperfections in the metal, special care must be exercised in the preparation and polishing.


Cerakote is a type of gun coating and finish, sort of like a paint and sealant at the same time much in the same way that lacquer serves as a finish and sealant for wood.

Nickel Plating

This coating offers a pleasing bright cosmetic appearance. It provides good coverage in blind holes and recesses and low coefficient of friction.  A very smooth and even coating can be achieved, regardless of the geometry of the parts being plated. This is a hard and moderately corrosion resistant finish.

Gold Plating

Exploding in popularity, Gold Plating your firearm is a great way to modify and personalize to your liking.  


Parkerizing is a method of protecting a steel surface from corrosion and increasing its resistance to wear through the application of a chemical phosphate conversion coating. Parkerizing is usually considered to be an improved zinc or manganese phosphating process, and not to be an improved iron phosphating process.

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Prices shown are for common services.

Please Call or Email for specific price quotes.

Full Detail Cleaning

Long Gun & Shotgun

$65.00 Starting. Additional cost for rust or heavy carbon.

Hand Gun (Semi/Revolver)


7-10 Turn Around Time

Does Not Include Needed Parts

Handgun Sight Push

Front or Rear Sight

All Handgun Sight Push


Glock Sight Push


Done While You Wait

Scope & Bore Sighting


Does Not Include Rings

Laser Bore Sight


Dovetail Cut Sight

Novak Rear Style: $65

Bormar/LPA Rear: $90

Novak Front: $45

Recoil Pad & Fitting

Pads: $39.00 - $65.00

Recoil Pad Fit & Install

$65.00 + Pad

Barrel Crowning

Lathe Only


Shotgun Barrel Tap

 for Choke Tubes. Rem, Win, TruChoke and Thinwall.

$95.00 each barrel.

Barrel Threading

$95.00 to $125.00
add $45.00 for disassembly /reassembly of action if not barrel only.

Carry Optic Slide Cut

RMR, RMR CC,  Venom/Fastfire, Delta Point, Romeo, Halosun K and C series, Shield RMS. ACRO and T Series direct mount add $50.00



Bring in Firearm for

Accurate Estimate

Starts at: $155.00

1911 Bobtail Conversion

Starting at $195.00

Trigger Guard Undercut

+ Finish Cost


1911 Flat Top w/ Serrations


Front Strap  Checker

20, 30, & 50 lpi

Starting at $250.00

Trigger Tune

CZ75 Series
CZ Omega Series
DA Revolver
Sig P Series
Ruger M77 Series
XD & XDm
Drop in trigger install
ie Apex, Zev, Grey Guns, Cajun etc.


$85 - $130
$65 - $95
Starts at 55.00

All Other Manufacturers:Please Call For Pricing

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It's important to the staff at Helix to provide you with easy access to your gunsmith and making you feel like their most valued customer. This is why Helix chose to build its family-owned business based on this principle.

Certified Full Service Machine Shop


Business Hours:

Monday: 10am - 4pm
Tuesday: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday: 11am - 7pm
Thursday: 11am - 6pm 
Friday: 11am - 6pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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