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     Having a clean firearm is essential to ensure it properly functions as well as maintaining its safety. Other than the obvious visual signs of being dirty, a gun will begin to function poorly and can lead to safety issues.


Carbon, copper and lead residue can significantly affect a firearms accuracy. With a thorough cleaning of the bore, a firearm can regain some of that lost accuracy. Firearms that rely on the moving parts to cycle freely can begin to mis-feed, not properly eject, and cycle completely if too much residue is present.  A filthy gun can function so slowly that once the trigger is pulled, nothing will happen.  Then a few seconds or even minutes later the firearm can go off.

Helix Gunsmithing offers you professional cleaning services. Of course, we use lots and lots of good old fashion elbow grease that gets the job done too. We use the latest in cleaning chemicals and oils in conjunction with state-of-the-art sonic cleaners, high-pressure steam cleaners, and fiber optic cameras. Along with our working knowledge and resources, you can be sure your gun will be cleaned and lubricated and returned in safe operating condition.

Lubrication is a very crucial part as well. Too much lubrication can be just as bad as not enough. Knowing where, how and how much to use, as well as the correct type to use based on conditions and the type of firearm. These all play a key part in the proper functioning of a firearm.

Safe and predictable firearms is a must.  Helix Gunsmithing can completely disassemble, clean, and successfully put back together any gun for our valued customers in St. Louis area as well as the entire United States. Helix Gunsmithing offers shotgun, rifle, and handgun services.


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