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     Gun Stock Repair and Restoration is our business. Nicks, chips, dents, cracks and peeling finishes have a devastating effect on the value and appearance of your firearm.

     Helix Gunsmithing repairs and restores gun stocks without stripping, steaming, or removing the original finish. All of which can have as much effect on the value of your firearm as the original damage itself.  Professional restoration and repair is an acceptable form of value enhancement while complete refinishing can destroy the value.
From newer to older, less expensive to valuable. We provide an undetectable service that is affordable for all gun owners. We have repaired gun stocks across the country. We assist gun owners in regaining pride, buyers and sellers pay less for firearms and sell for more.

     What makes our business different than others is we focus on maintaining the original quality, color and finish. Others strip, fill and refinish. This affects the value on all firearms. Anyone with little skill and a spray can, can do this, usually with disappointing results. Many will attempt to raise a dent or scratch with steam. This process opens the pores of the wood and results in a repair that is darker than the original color and creates a different grain pattern. Our process utilizes a lacquer patching method that matches the original color, attaches itself to the original finish and is as durable as the original finish without extending the repair past the damaged section. This method is an age old repair and restoration process used only by professional trained craftsmen.

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